Proposal on implementing permanent time zones in the European Union

➡️ Drafted last year together with our International Alliance for Natural Time (IANT) partners and several experts from the Barcelona Time Use Initiative (BTUI) International Expert Lab, including renowned professors Till Roenneberg and Eric Herzog.

➡️ Our goal is to show national politicians and other stakeholders that abolishing DST, which the EU approved in 2019, does not have to result in the dreaded 'patchwork' of time zones. Just follow the sun - or as we call them, the natural time zones!

➡️ You can find the proposal here in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese,

Join us!

➡️ If you or your organisation would like to join these experts in endorsing our proposal, simply answer this short questionnaire to have your organisation's logo added or send an email requesting to endorse individually.

➡️ If you speak Dutch or French and are an expert in the fields of chronobiology, sleep research, health, education, labour, economics or safety, please consider joining our Benelux Alliance for Healthy time, where we aim to share the science behind natural time zones with the public and debunk the many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the topic of DST.

➡️ If you would like share your thoughts or contribute in any other way, please do not hesitate to let us know!

More info?

You can read up on the background and sources used for the proposal on our Dutch Gezondtijd! and English Healthtime! pages.

Natural time zones Europe

Do you agree that permanent natural time zones would significantly increase health and wellbeing (and consequently, the economy) in the EU and especially the Western countries of Spain, France, and the Benelux? Then please consider adding your organisation's name and/or your own to the endorsement list - your expert endorsement will help increase the weight of our proposal!

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